The School of Music offers Drum Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced musicians.
The Studio 101 program includes a 45-minute individual lesson with one of our awesome teachers and a 90-minute group rehearsal. Our Studio101 directors specialize in working with younger students and typically play along with the kids. Our curriculum is the most classic.
All of our drum students begin by learning about the drum kit and its many components. They are encouraged to hit each drum and cymbal and familiarize themselves with the sound each one makes. Our instructors explain what each drum contributes to the overall sound of the band.
Once our drum students have been introduced to the kit, they beginning working on basic rudiments -- the rhythmic patterns that will form the backbone of their drumming. Those basic patterns slowly morph into the drum beats used in the student's Studio101 song and before they know it, the kids are playing the songs with other students!
 Our drum instructors use THE SONG AS A LESSON, introducing the student to concepts like time signatures and song structure for the first time. Drum students learn how to count measures and connect one section of a song with the other by executing drum fills.
 Once they have learned a few songs, our drum students begin working to master their advanced rudiments.
After a few weeks in Studio 101, most students are ready for the challenge of our performance program and are encouraged to take part in a show!
Performance Program 
The Performance Program is designed for kids and adults who know the basics and are ready to take it to the stage. This program introduces the team element into music instruction. Students will learn harmonies, musicianship and how to perform in an authentic performance environment.
Each season, students spend time honing their music skills while preparing to perform some of the greatest songs in music history.
Past student programs have include roof raising tributes to The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, James Hall, Ricky Dillard, Kirk Franklin, Beethoven, John Coltrane, and many more fun and exciting programs.
All student musicians enrolled in our Performance Program will receive:
  • Weekly private music lessons
  • Weekly three-hour rehearsal to prepare for the recital(s)
  • Enhanced learning in key areas such as stage performance, harmonies, musicianship and more
  • Choice of new recital music every season.